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Privacy-Conscious Cloud Storage

Powered by Bitcoin

Introduction to Bitcoin

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Cloud storage with collaboration


Store your important data in an offsite backup on OpenAutonomy's servers.

Access your data from anywhere in the world and share with your friends, family, and co-workers.

Bitcoin-powered payment system


Each user gets 1 free GB of storage but this can be expanded with a monthly fee. Use Bitcoin to top-up your OpenAutonomy account and buy as much storage as you need.

Perfect for Bitcoin miners or technology enthusiasts who want to get involved in this emerging new way of sending money online. There is no credit card data to worry about being stolen or misused - you send us only what you want without surprises.

Safe from the NSA

Safe from the NSA

We know that privacy is important to everyone so it is for this reason that we have ensured our suppliers are outside the reach of the NSA. Both OpenAutonomy and our data centre operators are Canadian companies, geographically located in Canada.