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Building the Future Together

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Federated Login

Federated login

OpenAutonomy is fully federated which means that you can develop your own applications or even your own server and you will always be a first-class citizen. There are no inter-server boundaries.

Download Source Code

Download source

Have an idea for the OpenAutonomy platform? You can get started with RPC glue code libraries and non-web sample code or even take a look at the server source to build your own web applications or server implementation.

Get Involved


The decentralized nature of OpenAutonomy means that nobody can tell you what you can't do so the only limits are your imagination. If you create something you want to show off, contact us and we will feature it on our site.

White papers

  • OpenAutonomy Technical Overview (PDF)
    Abstract: As more communication networks, data, and applications are moved onto the internet, a problem of connecting these various services has arisen. While most providers are building centralized walled gardens, this limits interoperability, consumer choice, information security, and innovation potential. This document outlines a novel approach for connecting these services across the internet without a centralized authority.
  • OpenAutonomy Authentication (PDF)
    Abstract: A system of federated components, such as OpenAutonomy, requires a protocol to authenticate messages between servers so that a message's receiver can verify the sender is who they claim to be. This document outlines the approach used for building and rebuilding the sequence of authentication keys used to authenticate successive messages.
  • P2PC - The PHP-to-PHP Compiler (PDF): Describes the PHP compiler used to build the OpenAutonomy distribution packages. Including a design overview and performance results.

Open Source Components

  • OpenAutonomy PHP Server and Tools - PHP code for the reference implementation of the server (still in the process of being released) and the related tools (PHP-to-PHP "compiler" and FreeMarker RPC glue templates)
  • - Java glue code for easier access to the OpenAutonomy RPC entry-points. This is used by all the other Java demo projects.
  • OpenAutonomy client programs - A collection of small Java programs demonstrating how to use OpenAutonomy services.

High-level Documentation

Application Protocol Specification

  • Common RPC errors: The set of errors which are common to the protocol and can bed used by all applications.
  • Identity RPC spec: The core identity RPC specificiation.
  • Application RPC spec: Implemented by all web applications even if they expose no capabilities. It is required for authentication handshakes with creator identities.
  • Details RPC spec: The RPC spec exposed by details applications.
  • Simple_storage RPC spec: The RPC spec exposed by cloud storage applications.
  • Social RPC spec: The RPC spec exposed by social networking applications.
  • Messaging RPC spec: The RPC spec exposed by messaging applications (unstable/experimental).