Spec Documentation for Application


Method: "com.openautonomy.protocols.application.getInFlightToken" (XML-RPC)

Returns the in-flight token from the remote side (meant to be called by identity instances, only).
(No Arguments) Returns: string100

Method: "com.openautonomy.protocols.application.requestRemoteAccess" (XML-RPC)

Returns the response to our request for remote access (called when another application wants to access a protocol exposed by the receiver).


Returns: boolean

Method: "com.openautonomy.protocols.application.checkDeleted" (XML-RPC)

Called by a an identity instance when it has delete an application and therefore wants the application to acknowledge that and either delete itself or detach itself from the calling identity.
Note that the receiver of this call shouldn't trust that the caller is the identity. That is, all this call does is ask them to verify that they are authenticated against the given identity.
Even without this, the application would eventually realize what happened since it would fail on its next call with an auth failure and then it would fail to reauthenticate since it is now unknown (this is why auth and reauth are different things).


Returns: boolean

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